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Products & Services: Econ Container Line (Export & Import)
Address: City Tower (3rd floor), 12/A, Road # 01, Block # G, Halishahar Housing Estate
City: Chittagong
Phone: +880 31 2513891-2 & 2513947
Fax: +88 031 2513893
Desc: Econ Line is a dream of aspiring individuals from various countries and various backgrounds. The dream is extensive enough to carve a big niche in the future of container line business in Asia and beyond. The collective achievement of this group in the last seven years has produced a legacy worth being proud of. An interruption after seven years, has put ahead a challenge to rebuild the same dream from the dusts. 2nd September, 2009 was a momentous day to lay the foundation of this mega dream - to contribute & to achieve. The founders of this company are : Capt PS Rath, Dayanand Kunder, Kavita, Albert Rajoo, Selva Kumar, Ganesh, Kannan, Harish, & Subramaniam. All of them carry with them the legacy of their intensive experiences in liner shipping. The founders' pact to steer the organization through the solidity of human values in a fiercely hyper competitive business environment gives credence to its heart & soul. Intensely integral, passionate, committed,dogged, humble, honest, and humane spirits shall define the boundaries of all their business strategies and tact from compilation to execution. Trust is the vehicle of delivery. The shippers, the agents, the carriers, the lessors, the buyers, the sellers, and other associates are dealt with trust first - powered on undiluted honesty & integrity.

Our business plan is pushed to provide the customer the best possible leverage in terms of cost of carriage and timely delivery. Timely information and shipment status is kept updated through the development and application of technology in a simple and user friendly manner. We strive hard to provide the best possible freight rate to the customer without compromising the quality of our service. When it comes to balancing the levels of freight and sustainable quality, we get our answers from the customers and the competitions. Our homegrown software helps enhance the quality of our service. We stay customer-centric in all our business strategies, while staying carefully tuned to the market-landscape. Our innovations are directed to the customers immediate needs. Our focus on operations & documentations are fanatical in pursuit to deliver errorless & seamless flow.

We are a 'people factory'. Nurturing ordinary people to extra-ordinary capabilities is our daily mantra. Our recruitment is done with gut & insight to recruit the best for a tight fit into our organization. Once recruited we train them on multi-tasking from the word go, till the time we know the area of strength & potential. 'Right people at the right seat and wrong people off the bus' - is the credo we live by. Training, coaching, guiding, and mentoring are a natural way of life here rather than a forced process. We do not flinch to reward the perfumers and at the same time we have no hesitation in articulating mediocrity of character and performance in an open way. Performers are celebrated heroes to be emulated. Underperformers are taught to learn quick. Adherence to our value-system is paramount. Even super heroes are evaluated on the scale of adherence to our in-house value system. We celebrate achievements and achievers in the same breath - setting a stage for others to follow. Innovations and creativity in work place is encouraged by all possible means. Taking risk is encouraged and saving skin is derided. Integrity & honesty are clear givens at all levels with no dilution. Freedom is unlimited and responsibilities are taught to be absolutes.

In addition to our customers and people, we are fanatically obsessed to information technology. We have our own team developing software to deliver better service to our customer than our competition. We simplify our processes with our software. Our sound processes are designed & relentlessly developed to bring in higher levels of efficiency and cutting costs.

Corporate Structure

Econship is all about stringing the people and their means in Asia. An international transportation and supply chain system, bridging India's economy and its people to the rest of the world. We bend our backs to support all businesses, ranging from complex multinationals to small and medium-sized importers and exporters. Headquartered in Singapore, our business activities encompass all aspects of global cargo container transportation and logistics, with services delivered by nearly 50 locations across all countries in Asia. The company has three principal operating brands: Econ Container Line, Econship Logistics, & Econship Connection (Feeding Arm). We have unrivalled knowledge of Indian subcontinent, the world’s most populous and dynamic region, to help companies exploit new opportunities to grow their businesses. The company would be known as a pioneer that consistently goes that extra mile for customers - solving complex supply chain challenges with simple innovative systems and yet in unique flares & styles. In order to achieve its dream of becoming one of the finest and largest operators in Asia, Econship keeps it focus constantly riveted on its delivery processes and its people. Our operating procedures are constantly updated with original ideas from within and all the best practices picked from the industry. These processes are integrated into a global module to be used by all operating centres in all different countries. These are kept consistent with the local rules and regulations as far as our culture and value permits. Econship’s compass is nothing buts it’s evolving strong value system. The value system is not forced down the throat. The system is always in practice from top down. No short cuts are allowed. People understand their values hands-on. Not preaching.

The cyclical patterns of shipping are well revered by the think-tanks. High times are a time to celebrate success in a heady frenzy, while saving away for the low times. Low times are times for austerity, an indomitable spirit of self-preservation and staying put with minimum costs. A staunch and unwavering discipline that is ubiquitous in high as well as low times.

This hands-on practice guides the system into a congruent & consistent pathway of productivity. People are treasured as the precious tools. The values set the talents in their befitting orbits. It’s a self-learning and sustainably-growing environment. Training, coaching, mentoring, and alignments are natural elements everyday processes. No tall claims are made for training. No workshops or seminars are called for people to doze off. With unhindered two-way communications from top down and more importantly down to top makes the above faddy practices irrelevant in our organisational structure. Econship is all about its customers, its people, its values, and its belief in growth and excellence in service delivery.

Econ Values

I am responsible. I give no excuses.
I decide quickly & am not afraid of mistakes.
I respect my seniors & juniors equally.
My job is to solve problems.
A good person & a good performer is a hero here.
I don’t tell lies to customer or vendor.
I keep my Promises.
I take risks & my company backs me up.
I love to work 24/7 in solving problems.
I keep trying & never say “no”.
I learn & teach.
I don’t tell lies to customer or vendor.
I am trusted & I trust others.
I am honest, fair, & transparent with my colleagues.
I love & enjoy my work. I am proud of my work.
I contribute to my country & society by my work.


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